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Lithgow Arms
Lithgow Arms
Since 1912, Lithgow has proudly supported Australia’s soldiers on battlefields around the world. From Gallipoli, Fromelles and Pozières to North Africa, Borneo and Kokoda, and from Korea, Malaya and Vietnam to East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, Australian troops have carried weapons made in Lithgow. From the .303 and SLR to today’s Austeyr SA2 and the EF88, Lithgow represents a unique heritage – the home of small arms in Australia. At Lithgow Arms we’re proud of our heritage and people. For over 100 years the men and women of Lithgow have supported the factory, the production of small arms, and the Australian Defence Force at home and abroad. Lithgow Arms employs over 130 full time personnel across all trades and backgrounds – and everyone takes enormous pride in producing quality work. Many of our workforce are former military members, and some continue to serve in a reserve capacity.

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