Firearm UPGRADES, Service, AND Repair

Our team of specialists provide a variety of upgrades, services, and repairs for your firearms. Whether you're looking to upgrade your scope, remove an obstruction, or simply have your gun properly cleaned, we are here to help. 


Shop Rate$60-$90/hour

Clean and Oil GunStarting at $40
Bore Sight$15
Install Scope and Bore Sight (if purchased with us)$25
Install Scope and Bore Sight (not purchased with us)$40
Remove Fired CaseStarting at $30
Remove Live Round$50
Remove Obstruction from BarrelStarting at $50
Install Sights Shotgun$25 + parts
Install Sights Rifle$25 + parts
Drill stock for sling install swivels$30 + parts
Lapping Scope Rings$40