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Trail Cam Tales: The Teddy Bear Picnic
November 19/2020

When you set up a trail camera , you never know what you’re going to see. The forest is full of creatures living their own little lives, and these cameras are really our best way to see how they act when they are alone. 

Sometimes you’ll capture a squirrel and a bird battling it out over a piece of corn, sometimes you’ll watch three of the fattest raccoons sneak some treats, but sometimes you end up with some truly silly footage of a big ol’ bear having the time of his life.

That Hunting Store employee Dave McLeod, wanted to see if there were any big bucks in his backyard. After placing his blind and a food pile, he set up his trail camera to take photos. He got many photos of raccoons, bunnies, squirrels, birds, and yes, even a few deer, but one giant visitor was the true star of the forest footage. 

Lumbering onto the scene late one night, a large bear discovered the pile of corn and decided it was his new favourite spot. He plopped himself down and spent the next four hours rolling around, snacking, and even looking right into the camera. He’s happy as can be as stretched out on the ground, before he finally waddles off into the woods covered in corn. I guess he needed some treats to go! 

Dave’s trail camera captured hundreds of photos of this big bear’s antics. Check out the compilation below. 


Looking to get set up with your own trail camera? Well, there are lots of models to choose between, but our in-store hunting expert Rob has a few recommendations that’ll get you on the road to seeing what’s happening in your backyard. 


1. Primos

Primos cameras continue to evolve and improve each year. Dave’s bear photos were captured using a Proof Generation 2 model. The 16 MP camera, 0.3 second trigger speed, and the 100ft night range gives you the best views of what’s going on in your forest. We carry a few different Primos cameras in store, the Generation 2 model costs $189.99.

2. Bushnell
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is for those looking to get a really crisp shot. This specific model features a 20MP camera and a 0.2 second trigger speed. They are available in store for $229.99 .

3. Stealth Cam
For those looking for a quality camera on a budget, the Stealth Cam 0S12 is a great option. It features a 12MP camera, 1 second trigger speed and a 60ft range. They are a great starting point with a price point of $89.99.

If you’re interested in picking up a trail camera, come visit us in store today and we’ll be happy to get you set up. Or, if you have any of your own crazy trail camera footage, feel free to  submit your story using this form  and we may feature you in our next Trail Cam Tales post. 

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