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How To Set Up Your Facebook Notifications So You Don’t Miss Our Draws
November 25/2020

Many of you have been participating in our Facebook draws for months now, but every once and a while we receive comments or questions on how to receive notifications when the draws begin. Because of the way Facebook works, we aren’t able to change your notification settings, but we are going to help you get set up!  

So, first step, make sure you Like us on Facebook!



Next, to increase your chance of making it into the draw before it sells out, you’re going to want to “follow” the page as well. 



Now that you’ve liked and followed the page, you’re going to want to make sure those notifications are set up right. Click through to the Follow settings and make sure you’re set up to receive post notifications and that we’re marked as a “Favourite” so you’ll always see us in your timeline. 



Once you’ve set up all of your notification settings, you should receive notifications each time we post, including our draw updates, new posts on our blog, and any other important store news. 

We hope you have fun participating in the draws! 

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